Cutting Crew


Originally formed in the mid 80’s, this Grammy nominated, Anglo-Canadian rock-band will always be remembered for their classic song (I Just) Died in Your Arms. Twenty years later with millions of sales and international radio plays to his name, original singer and writer, Nick van Eede, has signed brand new recording and publishing deals & is back on the road promoting his awesome new album, Grinning Souls.

His new band are brilliant renegades from Roachford, Steve Harley Band, Jim Diamond Band & The Eurythmics! 2006 brought 4 Euro-tours and festival headliners alongside Supertramp, Paul Young, Toto, Level 42 & Midge Ure…Playing with full orchestra in Stuttgart and just returning from charity tour of Tanzania.

But…it’s the live show’s ability to reach the hearts of crowds across the world that has brought such great reviews and reactions. Listen to stellar new versions of their hits Died in your Arms, I’ve Been in Love Before, One For the Mockingbird & Rock & A Hard Place… Plus some intelligent and rockin’ covers.

Be prepared to be totally surprised and moved by this truly great live band!


(I Just) Died In You’re Arms (Single) 1987
No 1. in 17 Countries. 3mill. sales

I’ve Been In Love Before (Single) 1987
Top10 Worlwide hit. 2mill. sales

One For The Mockingbird (Single) 1987
Another world-wide super hit

The Scattering (Single) 1989
Diamond Award winning song.

(Between A) Rock And A Hard Place (Single)
1989 Live video shot in L.A.

Everything But My Pride (Single) 1990
Video shoot: Sydney.#1USRadio

If That’s The Way You Want It (Single) 1992
Final Single

Broadcast (Album) 1987
Debut album 2.5 million sales

The Scattering (Album) 1989
Grammy nomination.

Compus Mentus (Album) 1992
Final album.

The Best Of Cutting Crew (Album) 1993
Compilation of all the hits

The Best Of Cutting Crew (Album) 2003
Compilation of all the hits

Grinning Souls (Album) 2006
The long awaited return



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