Curiosity Killed The Cat


The band were known as Curiosity Killed The Cat (named after a password in an adventure game). Having signed a record deal in 1986, Curiosity Killed The Cat instantly became one of the hottest and most popular bands of the late eighties. While gaining a large teen following, Curiosity Killed The Cat’s appeal was far wider, their cool, funky, distinctive music being a very long way from typical teen fodder.

Curiosity Killed The Cat’s many hit singles include Down to Earth, which peaked at number 2 in the charts and sold 1.5 million worldwide, Misfit, Ordinary Day and Name and Number (which later went on to be a hit single for De La Soul). Curiosity Killed The Cat’s debut album Keep Your Distance went straight in to the U.K. album charts at number one, selling over 1.5 million copies while Curiosity Killed The Cat’s second album Get Ahead also made the top ten. In addition, Curiosity Killed The Cat were well respected within the music industry and won a BRITS nomination for the Best New Act of 1987 as well as winning the Music Therapy Best New Act award. Moreover Curiosity Killed The Cat could also cut it on the live front and toured both with Alison Moyet and on their own sell out dates, the response they evoked causing havoc wherever they went!

At the end of 1991 Curiosity Killed The Cat signed a major album deal with RCA records and came back with a new single, their own version of Johnny Bristol’s seventies classic Hang on in there Baby, produced by fresh young producers Terry Adams and Mark Taylor. Hang on in there Baby became a top 5 hit in the UK and charted across Europe, it was also awarded the “single of the week” accolade from Radio One’s Gary Davies.

Summer 92 saw the release of another top twenty hit for Curiosity Killed The Cat with I Need Your Lovin’ which not only enjoyed success for the band in this country but in Europe as well.



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