Evelyn King


“Its always been important to me to tune in with what’s going on in music” Evelyn says, “I enjoy going to clubs and concerts and being with the people who enjoy music of all types. I listen to the radio for new talent and sounds also from the past. You have to live a little and explore a lot. This also applies to music and it’s vast industry.”

Evelyn’s career may appear to some that it has come to a halt. But this is quite the contrary. She continues to travel this continent, the US and abroad. Evelyn always seems to dazzle the audience with her vibrant personality, as well as her strong seductive voice. The performances always became metamor physically electric and seasoned in her gift. She accentuates her remarkable vocal ability by singing songs ranging from smooth ballads to party jumping, funk knocking jams. Without issue, Evelyn has continued to enjoy her success over the past 25 years. Her name is a name that demands respect within the industry. One that has remained prominent in the r&b, club and pop arenas. In her modest but confident demeanours, Evelyn marked her talent wisely, collaborating with top producers that include the musical greats Theodore Life (T. Life) who was also the man responsible for her success. Please recall the discovery of Ms King – she was discovered while cleaning at Gamble & Huff’s record company. “My sister was ill and I filled in one day, and while cleaning a voice said ‘one day I’m gonna make you a star’. And thanks to T. Life and family I’m Evelyn “Champagne” King.” She says with a smile.

Other famous producers Evelyn King has worked with include; Kashif, Paul Lawrence Jones, Andre Cymone, Ron Kersey, Alex Brown and luminaries such as Leon Sylvers III, Gene Dozier, Nayan, Ten City, Marshall Jefferson, David Cochran, and her talented brother Johnny King, who also participated in his sisters success. These producers all lent a bright and fresh element to her work while she maintained the key element: her voice.

Recall if you will the many recordings Evelyn has given us over the years, starting with her explosive entrance at just sixteen years old with 1977’s crossover classic Shame – of her gold-plus album Smooth Talk. This was a song no less than great, a catchy chorus that majestically ushered in a tap of the toe and a swing of the hips. Rolling out of the 70’s into the 80’s Evelyn without fail comes to the scene ready with the ground breaking single I Don’t KLnow If It’s Right followed by a number one hit single Love Come Down. This was followed by the album Flirt featuring the memorable Kisses Don’t Lie and another top ten single Hold On. Evelyn maintains a level head, “it keeps me on top of things” she says, “remembering family first, where you come from and who helped you stay true to yourself, and of course your audience is very important.” Evelyn also lost a child in 1989 whom she named after her mother Johnniea. “I will sing to my baby always,” Evelyn shares, “she lives inside of me everyday, my darling Johnniea.” Evelyn King continues to work hard, in her spare time she writes songs, with her husband and confidant Freddie Fox (who is also a great guitarist and musician aswell as a writer), to also pass onto other great vocalists aswell as writing for herself. They spend many hours in their studio making beautiful music together.

Matured, and flavoured with seduction, Evelyn King stepped into the 90’s presenting to us a new album Girl Next Door, a spirited ear opening 10 song platter, covering a wide range of versatile material; something for everyone. In 1995 she released another album on Expansion Records called I’ll Keep A Light On – but it has only been released in the European region.

But she didn’t stop there. Evelyn King was offered a chance to show how talented she is in the recent years with the dance and hip-hop markets, recording a single called One More Time in 1996 on King Street Sounds label. This jumped to the top ten in the club and dance charts in no time at all.

Evelyn’s touring has also not stopped. In 1997 she took part in Sinbad’s Soul Music Festival Part III on HBO. And Sinbad wanted even more of Evelyn’s vibrant talent, and invited her back this time on the Vibe Show. During this time Evelyn experienced a lot of heartfelt moments; her parents deaths, as well as a brother who had travelled with her for most of her career. “I know I’ll always miss them, forever.” Evelyn says, “But I know they are with God and in his care, and they would like for me to keep on shining. I will continue to keep the King family proud and alive. So as you can see I still have the determination to go on.”

Since then Evelyn’s career has been moving on to doing the television shows The Pyramid and the Family Feud, alongside artists such as The Village People, Martha Wash, Janice Marie Taste of Honey, and Thelma Houston. These shows were for the charity of choice for each artist, which for Evelyn was Breast Cancer Research. Evelyn has shone throughout the world for over a decade. She is still travelling, touring and performing and is soon to be releasing another album in 2004. Evelyn will be appearing on The Best Disco in Town 2004 throughout UK Arenas during October.

Evelyn says she will not give up without a fight – and still appreciates the love and support from her fans.



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